Alpha United’s Dover elated with Guyana Finale triumph

Head coach Wayne Dover (pictured) guided Alpha United to the 2015/16 Guyana Stag Elite League Finale crown.

LEONORA, Guyana -- Alpha United head coach Wayne Dover expressed delight at his team’s Guyana Stag Elite League triumph over rival Slingerz FC via penalty kicks in the Finale (closing tournament) final, which didn’t end until the early hours of Monday morning. The Hammer prevailed 3-0 after a scoreless draw.

“I’m elated, the fact that we won the game, but I would say it wasn’t an easy game because we see the game went down to the wire,” said Dover. “Slingerz had their moments. We had our moments. The game played out to a draw and it was decided by penalties, but, nevertheless, we are very happy and elated about the victory.”

Dover was hoping for a more disciplined performance from his side, pointing out that many of the items addressed in training could have helped avoid some of the challenges that were ultimately faced on the pitch.

“It was fortunate for us that during the period of Slingerz’ dominance that they did not capitalize in those moments,” he commented. “The game had moments. One time it went with them, another time it was with us. For the longer period they had the momentum, but did not capitalize on it, and that worked in our favor.”

Since Slingerz won the Genesis (opening tournament) title, the sides will meet again – on a date yet to be determined -- to decide the overall league champion.

Dover believes the rivalry is good for local football.

“I think generally it has done a great deal for football in the sense that we’ve seen two heavyweights square off and it was a toe-to-toe battle,” concluded the 42-year-old. “We’ve seen one team dominate for long periods and the crowd, I think, was satisfied to see a result that wasn’t lopsided and it augurs well that if others pool their resources and invest we can get balanced games throughout the league.”