SCL: Quotable Coaches (Aug. 2, 2017)
Real Esteli head coach Otoniel Olivas (pictured) reacts during a 2012/13 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League match against host Tigres. (Photo: Mexsport)

Here’s a sampling of what some head coaches had to say heading into Wednesday night action in the 2017 Scotiabank CONCACAF League…

Q: What does it mean to you to compete in the Scotiabank CONCACAF League?

Jorge Daniel Casanova, Aguila

“First off, it’s a very important international competition and it gives prestige to our club, the players, and to everyone involved in our institution.  It is a big responsibility and, obviously, we want to do a good job.  We know it is not easy and that we have a long and difficult road ahead of us.”

Otoniel Olivas, Real Esteli

“We have a big challenge with ourselves, with our fans, with the people who support us, because we have had a lot of participations (in the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League), but we always stayed on the “shore.”  For us, transcending is fundamental.  In fact, that’s the main purpose, and that’s why we have worked properly, with a view to transcend or going to the next round.

Q: What needs to be accomplished in your team’s SCL opener?

Jair Palacios, Plaza Amador (v Portmore United)

"The group is mindful of getting a positive result.  It is a group that has matured with the passing of tournaments and this will help.  We want to give continuity to those who have been working.  We know the rival’s strengths.”

Jorge Rodriguez, Alianza (v Platense)

"I think the two games are important.  The 90 minutes from here (Honduras) are like the 90 from there (El Salvador), with the only difference that the team that can win on Wednesday will have some advantage for the next match "

Q: What are your primary objectives in this competition?

Jorge Daniel Casanova, Aguila

“We want to go far, do a great job, making sure the team plays well and looks good on the pitch.  Obviously, advancing as far as possible in this tournament would be very nice.  We know our rivals will make this competition very difficult for us.  Our rivals are at a very high level and, well, in the world of fotball dreaming is free and we want to keep the dream of winning alive.”

Otoniel Olivas, Real Esteli

“Competing with teams of a different level is a big effort.  The idea is winning all the games because it has been our goal for many years