SV Robinhood coach Godeken: “This is a big moment for the club”
Head Coach Roberto Godeken (red Shirt) and GK Claidel Kohinoor far right in the picture during the press conference in Paramaribo, Surinam on July 30, 2019.

PARAMARIBO, Suriname SV Robinhood is relishing its return to Concacaf competition, as it sets its sights on Wednesday night’s 2019 Scotiabank Concacaf League Preliminary Round first leg versus AS Capoise of Haiti at the Andre Kamperveen Stadion in Paramaribo, Suriname.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the Suriname club reached the final of the Concacaf Champions Cup five times, but in recent years has not been able to return to the forefront in Concacaf competition.

That is, until now.

“This is a big moment for the club,” said Head Coach Roberto Godeken in his pre-match press conference on Tuesday.

“It is also a moment to measure the level of our players and our clubs in Suriname. It’s been a long time since a Suriname club qualified for Concacaf games so I think Suriname fans will enjoy having this Concacaf game played. We had a very good preparation as a team and in local league we are one of the leading teams so it’s a good moment for us to play. We miss some very good players, but we managed to replace them and we are prepared for tomorrow,” added Godeken.

That excitement is also being felt by the players. GK Claidel Kohinoor says that the squad is eager to make sure the home fans leave the Andre Kamperveen Stadion on Wednesday night with a smile on their faces.

“We are very well prepared, it’s a good occasion for us to play, we want to make our fans happy and we hope to close this game successfully with a win,” said Kohinoor.

Yet at the same time, Godeken is aware of the challenge posed by an AS Capoise team that achieved a third-place finish at the 2019 Flow Concacaf Caribbean Club Championship.

“I saw Capoise play their games down in Jamaica. It is a very strong team with very good players and we respect them very much, but in the end, it is soccer and in soccer it can go both ways. They are a very good team but we are well prepared,” concluded Godeken.